YCA is a Miami-based firm providing private equity capital for small businesses, real estate investments, franchises and more. 
YCA's strong management experience helps our partners develop winning business strategies.
Grow the potential of your business with private equity capital.
YCA - providing capital to make good business, great business.


YCA is a private equity firm providing investment capital from ten thousand to a million dollars. We look for companies with potential for growth, in any industry.

YCA leverages our experience in the financial industry to bring significant financial, strategic and managerial experience to the businesses we invest in.

Our investment partners include construction companies, retail stores, realty, franchises and more.

We invest in recapitalizations, management buy-outs and buy-ins, family successions and retirement transitions, and corporate divestitures. Business owners we partner with provide the industry knowledge, we provide the funding and business expertise needed to move our partners forward while executing growth opportunities..

We help build strong companies with a powerful prospect for growth.