YCA is a Miami-based firm providing private equity capital for small businesses, real estate investments, franchises and more. 
YCA's strong management experience helps our partners develop winning business strategies.
Grow the potential of your business with private equity capital.
YCA - providing capital to make good business, great business.

About YCA

YCA is a Miami-based company with a long history in finance. We have invested in more than 50 companies in a wide variety of industries, including startups, established businesses looking to grow, real estate and franchising. We partner with companies across all stages of development, providing private equity for growth capital and recapitalizations to large buyouts, using a variety of financing structures and target equity investments. We work collaboratively with company management of our investment partners to ensure financial success.

Our background in the credit industry provides us with powerful insights into the growth potential investments can bring.

Company Principals:

Moshe Zuchaer

Owner and CEO of Premium Credit Bureau for over 30 years, Moshe is a customer-oriented team player with the ability to find solutions to problems. He has a talent for developing brand strategies, statistics systems, business plans and sales strategies. His experience in starting new businesses, forming corporations and business structures, and structuring commercial transactions brings tremendous added value to his investment partners.