YCA is a Miami-based firm providing private equity capital for small businesses, real estate investments, franchises and more. 
YCA's strong management experience helps our partners develop winning business strategies.
Grow the potential of your business with private equity capital.
YCA - providing capital to make good business, great business.

Who We Invest In

YCA doesn’t restrict investments to any one industry; we look for growth potential rather than fitting a specific mold. We invest in small to medium-sized businesses in any field, including shops, tech startups, franchises and real estate/apartment buyouts. The only criteria are one year in business and a winning plan.

Our investments include:

  1. Clothing and cosmetic industries
  2. Manufacturing goods
  3. Car dealerships 
  4. Franchises
  5. Construction
  6. Machinery construction
  7. Development
  8. Realty
  9. Goods import from Brazil and China
  10. Airplane equipment
  11. and others